Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rainy Hualien trip with Amii

A few weeks ago, Amii and I decided to take a trip on our scooters to Hualien and Taroko Gorge. However, about two hours into the drive, it started raining and we decided instead to stay at Sun Moon Lake (see the previous blog entry). A few weeks later, we made the trip again, and this time we were successful.

It was a wonderful drive through the mountains and offered great views. Because it took about 6 hours, our backs were sore from the ride. And being late November when we took the trip, it got really cold high up in the mountains. But I genuinely enjoyed the road trip, and even though she won't admit it, I think Amii did, too.

Right outside of Taichung, just beginning our trip.

A picture of someone taking a picture. Kind of poetic, don't you think?

We're getting pretty good at the "arm extended, self portrait, couple" pose.

Refer to my April 2008 blog entry about the ridiculousness of this monument.

真的很漂亮 (my chinese is awesome)

Entering the tunnel that takes us to the aforementioned monument

Made it there

The guesthouse we stayed at in Hualien. The owner liked me so much, she took my picture to put on their website. I think foreigners attract business.
In Taroko Gorge

The clouds touching the mountains seems really peaceful and beautiful. However, we soon grew to despise them when we had to drive four hours in the middle of these clouds. In the rain. In 35 degree F weather. On a one lane road that accommodates two directions of traffic.

All in all though it was a great trip. I can't wait til it gets warm enough to go there again.