Sunday, December 14, 2008

Halloween 2008

A combination of bad internet, bad blog server, and being very busy has prevented me from posting these halloween pics in a timely manner. Nevertheless, here they are...

First, my kindy pics:

Oh my gosh Peter. You're so cute. Oh yes, you are! Yes, you are!

Serene. One of my favorite students.

Jasmine and Monica. Their princess costumes were very fitting.

Me and all the boys. My favorite costume had to be Tim, as a teletubby.

All the girls. This was an incredibly difficult picture to take because the girls were all incredibly frightened of my mask, and getting them to stand still and close to me took almost 5 minutes of reassurance that I was not going to chop them with my fake ax.

And now here are some pics from the adult Halloween. The only difference between the two being more booze and less clothes.

Scary beautiful

I was Bleeker, from the movie Juno. I guess you'd just have to have seen it. But a surprising number of Taiwanese people actually recognized who I was supposed to be.

In America, this would be a relatively easy costume to put together. In Taiwan, however, this is an entirely different story. First of all, small yellow shorts and yellow sweat bands do not exist. They had to be dyed. Which brings us to the next problem, clothes dye does not exist. Luckily, I have a smart girlfriend who took me to a crafts store and we were able to find some powdered paint that worked ok. Nevertheless, I had to drive to about 15 different places to assemble my costume.

Also, those knee length socks cost 17 us dollars. No, I'm not kidding. Good socks are ridiculously expensive in Taiwan, which is why I get my parents to frequently mail me packages of them.

It's difficult to get Taiwanese people into the spirit of Halloween

My friend, Brittany

My friend Chris. You probably can't tell from his costume, but he's gay.