Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kindy Graduation

On July 19th, my Da-ban kindergarten class graduated. They worked really hard the past few months to put on a show for the ceremony, and all did an excellent job.

Some highlights included
-seeing the kids dressed up as butterflies, alligators, frogs, and Cuban Mambo dancers.
- watching the curtain fall on two different kids, and the confusion that ensued when they got trapped on the opposite side of it
-300 kids all playing the recorder (a small plastic flute like instrument) at the same time
-one class dancing to the song "Rawhide" which reminded me of my dad singing it to my sisters and I when we were young

Here are some pics:

Jimmy, Ryan, Neil and Yvonne

Getting ready to walk across the stage

Leo and Ben trying to break my hand

Adorable Penny

Walking across the stage

I was Sir Newton

My date. All the students loved asking who Amii was. She told a couple naughty kids that she was a nurse, and she was going to give them a shot if they misbehaved.

Honoring the teachers

Yes, I was the only male onstage who got flowers

Annie, Jim and Andy walking to their performance

Whale Class performance


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