Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy Sun Moon Lake trip with Amii

It's been a long desire of mine to drive all the way to Hualien and Taroko Gorge on my scooter. The directions are easy to follow, and I was told the drive through the mountain brings gorgeous scenery. It's about a 5-6 hour drive though, and finding somebody that is willing to go with me is always a problem. After trying for about three or four weeks, I finally was able to convince Amii to get over her fear of driving a scooter and go with me.


We set off super-early Saturday morning, the 8th of September. But once we got to Puli (about 2 hours into the drive), it started drizzling rain. We had to make a decision... continue on our trek and hope that the weather improves, or abandon our plans and hang out at the nearby Sun Moon lake for the weekend.

We chose the latter.

It was probably a good choice since we spent most of the time watching movies in our hotel and dashing from place to place in the heavy rain.

Regardless, it was a nice getaway for a sweet couple. And my lungs thank me for any time away from the polluted city that I can manage.

As you can imagine, a rainy trip makes for few pictures.. but here are a couple anyway.

Lots of pretty flowers and pretty girls at Sun Moon lake


Some sort of sticky ricey bambooey concoction

Just in case anyone doubted we actually went to Sun Moon lake.. here's the proof. Signs don't lie.

Driving our scooter. At night. In the rain. In Taiwan.

Completely safe.