Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Horrible Day Is Salvaged

Today started off horribly. I didn't get a good nights sleep, which already put me in a bad mood. Then, Stephen and I went to Nova; a giant electronics mart that sells all sorts of computers, cameras, and other high tech doo-dads. My intention for going there was to get my digital camera fixed so I can actually have some photos to send back home. But after asking three or four different shops if they could repair it; they all said the same thing: no one in the building can fix it and I'd have to take it to this one place that is God only knows where. Quite dissapointed I walked back outside to my scooter to head over to my branch and prepare my lessons for the day. As soon as I sat down on my scooter, the clouds unzipped and it began pissing on me heavily. I waited for it to clear up a little bit, and then continued on to my school. Being in an unfamiliar part of town, I got a little lost and arrived with only 15 minutes before my first class started; giving me no time to prepare a lesson. On top of all that, when I did start teaching; the kids were being especially rowdy and obnoxious. After class was over, I went up to the teacher's lounge to begin grading some of the many homework assignments that I had put off. About an hour later, I needed to take a break and get some (relatively) fresh air. I headed out to the nearest 7-11 with my head hung low in despair. Once there, I picked up a bottle of red tea and a bag of Lay's "American style steak sauce" flavored potato chips (I was curious more than hungry). And then, while paying for the items at the cash register, something happened that instantly turned my day around.

Still in my own ticked off, little world; I suddenly hear an enthusiastic, young voice behind me shout, "Teacher Ethan!!" I turn around and there is one of my adorable little students named Ariel. She gives me a big hug and introduces me to her mom. As soon as I left the 7-11, I swear the clouds instantly parted and the day became sunny again.

I'll spare everyone the cheesy moral of the story about how you should always wear a smile because you never know whose day it's going to brighten. But just know that it's not complete BS because one little girl certainly turned my day around.


At September 7, 2007 at 2:39 AM , Blogger steph said...

dammit, i hate to admit it - but this is really cute.


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