Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scooter mania

The main form of transport around Taichung is overwhelmingly by scooter; and, when in Taichung....

Driving a scooter gives you the ability to: make it anywhere in town in under thirty minutes, weave in and out of cars, roll your way to the front of the line at a red traffic light, and even carry a friend on the back while doing all this.

HOWEVER, it also gives you the ability to be slammed into by buses and taxis, sideswiped by other inattentive scooterists, get drenched in a sudden downpour, and be completely humiliated when you forget that other people can hear you singing along to your ipod.

Despite the inevitable dangers, scootering has been quite an enjoyable experience. We have resorted to renting our scooters right now, as we must wait a few more weeks until we receive our Alien Residency Cards (ARC) before we can legally purchase one and register it in our names. It will be especially nice not to have to deal with the shady, Canadian guy that owns the rental place.

Until then, our late night games of Scooter Tag will continue.


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